Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Gulfstream make exceedingly good boards!

More beauties from Jools at the Gulfstream Surfboards andy shop...They keep getting better.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Proud Dad...little ripper

My best mate and riding buddy, Jago. We spent the weekend avoiding the weekend surf crowds descending on Sennen and headed to The Track at Portreath with a couple of friends. What an amazing place to develop your bike skills and great to see some other young riders from Sennen up there, even Chief Grommet Sashka, getting rad on a place full of jumps of all sizes, different lines and and is an amazing place to just have fun.

With round 1 of the South West Regional Championship next weekend at Burnham on Sea, we have spent the past few months training and practicing for our first season and this weekend was really about just enjoying riding like kids and not focussing on race lines and and techniques to win races, just getting some air and being a proud Dad to my little ripper.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Can I help?

Really pleased to be qualified as a Master Practitioner in Spectrum Therapy, NLP, emotional coaching and advanced relaxation.

Spectrum therapy is a fantastic and positive way to let go of our negative emotions and from personal experience of also being a client,  I can honestly recommend it.

If your a sports person wishing to improve your results this can also greatly help. I'm currently helping two National and World Standard BMX racers overcome their excessive race nerves and help them gain a little extra confidence for the 2015 race season and working towards this summers World Championships.  I am providing specific goal setting, visualisation techniques and positive anchoring and relaxation techniques to help.  So far so good and after round one their father says he's seen a huge improvement with some great results at the Manchester National Indoor BMX Track.

If you feel like you would benefit from feeling empowered in any way and this includes both personal, business and career then please drop me a line  and I can explain more and how I can help.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


My 7'8" Wild West Shooter completely blew me away yesterday afternoon. Some epic waves led to some extremely fun surfing with a few friends out. All I can say is that if anyone is looking for a clean board which is super stable,  and easy paddle, fast, responsive and incredible fun then call Jools at Gulf Stream Surfboards right now and order one of these. If your a bigger chap looking to scale down from a log then 7'8" is perfect, plenty of volume and some beautifully refined rails. Love this board.

Friday, 13 March 2015

A bag of tricks!

Not knowing what to expect, today I packed the car with a quiver of Wild West Shooters by Gulfstream and headed South and enjoyed the second of two great surfs this week.  With my wife, Jill en route I even squeezed in her 6'0" twin fin.  My midweek return to Sennen happened thanks to a morning tide, time before work,  the dropping swell and a perfect little bank was a peach on the 7'8".

Today the 9'8" pig was the cherry on the cake!! A dropping tide,  a well deserved day off, a north wind and a shining sun in the bright blue spring sky at my favourite spot left me smiling and frothing for more!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Get some!!

So nice to have a surf back at Sennen today. That sounds like I have had to travel there, to make a road trip, to drive hours after searching the other spots...Nope, its at the bottom of the hill and due to the banks being crap and the swell to big for the bay to hold I've been surfing elsewhere on days that I can.

But today... today was a beauty. Apparently yesterday was nice, but work got in the way, today the swell was perfect size, the bank was great and the lefts were super fun. The board of choice, my 7'8" Wild West Shooter, perfect choice for the wave as its so easy to surf. Easy paddle, easy entry, super fast when you need it to be, turns really nicely and had a couple of cracking bottom turns where I could push her a little and see how the 9" Greenough single fin held. It did!!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Cornwall BMX Racing Awards

Last Saturday night was probably one of the most proudest nights Ive ever had as a Dad. Since last October myself and Jago have been travelling every weekend to Cornwall BMX Racing Club at Blackwater near Truro. We have been riding so much and it paid of at the awards on Saturday night.

Jago came away with Best Newcomer Boy, 4th in 6&under boys in the Cornish Champs, and a Silver Medal skills award. His old man manged to get a 2nd in the Masters Cornish Champs. So stoked as I'm feeling fitter and stronger and most of all happier!!

The top photo is our little crew down in Penzance who all won trophies and two number one plates for Cornwall. We did alright down in the Wild West.

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