Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Surf Action

This is a recent portrait took of the one of the Royal Marines we introduced to Surfing. This is Jason Hare and along with other shots I took will feature strongly in an article written by New York writer Alex French for Surfer Mag. Not sure when the mag willinclude our feature but super stoked. Jason has been blown up twice in Afghanistan, the last time he lost a leg, nose amd eye, amongst other injuries. Our work with Surf Action is amzing because we get to meet guys like Jay and give something back. This week we are introducing surfing to 22 guys from the Royal Artillery who have recently returned from Afghanistan. Next week we're off to California to help out at the US Marine Surf camp for their amputees. Myself and Rich Emerson are so stoked to be going, we want to find out more about the way vets are treated in the US and meet as many amazing people as we can. We fly into san Diego on Wednesday and if its cool with you guys in Cali we will be sampling some of your fine waves whilst we're there and if anyone has a pair of 9'6" logs they would like to lend us for a week or so that would be amazing!!


Worm said...

email me i have a couple boards you could use.

Libb-erator said...
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Libb-erator said...

Wonder if my 9'2" is to small for you boys. Would love to see Richie email if the board would work for ya.