Wednesday, 30 March 2016


As I contemplate getting back in the sea after my broken foot (another four weeks till full weight bearing) I'm becoming quite excited about the fun I'm going to have. Firstly, I won't be worrying about crowds, I'm over that, right now just to be in the ocean again after a few months and pick f a few nice ones will be reward enough for me. I'm not worrying about board choice as I have three beauties that suit everything we get here in Sennen, all lovingly shaped by Jools at Gulfstream in Devon. This one is my 8'2" 'Whatever', its like a shorter longboard or a larger Egg. All I know is I have had more fun on this design board in the past two years than any other and I can't wait to get back in again on this beauty this summer. Its like a transitional time piece of fun, its 'whatever'!!

My Friend Steve, has taken his to Morocco for the past two winters and must be about ready for a newbie as he says he has endlessly surfed in in perfect points and raves about it.

Unlike a lot of boards around at the moment this was fully custom shaped and if your looking for sustainable then look no further. This is no part-time hobby for Jools, for 20+ years he's been supporting local suppliers, local workforce and by using Homeblown blanks, he's not relying on imported blanks to get your board started. The only problem with UK sourcing is resin and cloth and yes on standard boards the machine is occasionally utilised, but if you want custom, you get custom, you get the hand shaped experience of an award winning shaper and the stunning resin work of Matt.

I can't wait to get back on this board and get in cranking again. Drop knees on an 8 footer, nothing better!!!

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