Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Return from Jersey

Over the next few days I'll be putting some picutres up from my recent trip to the beautiful Island of Jersey. Great trip and a big thankyou to the Davies Family for putting us all up, feeding us, waking us and organising us. Congratulations to all the boys with a strong show from the Sennen crew. Sam Bleakley finishing Firstin the Senior Division and then Runner up in the Open British Champs. Juniors Mike Lay fourth and Matt 'Scoop' Travers for his third in Juniors and James Parry for making both finals of the European Longboard Tour and third in the British Open. The only Brit to make the final in which the French ruled the Day with Reme Arauzo taking the top prize in the first event of the tour. Ben Skinner won the British Open in a display of the most pewerful drop-knee turns ever. This shot is James Parry ruling the nose and keeping his sponsors happy.

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