Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Go Ford.

After yesterdays rant about jet skis and some very honest comments, which I'm very grateful to receive, it would seem that water users find them a great rescue aid but only if used properly. Anyway moving on and back to the swell in hand. Howling westerlies are the order of the day, although I have just had a sneaky surf at a sneaky spot with my friend Olly Clark. Olly has organised the Wheels of Fire Skate comp for the past two yearts and tommorrow is taking some youngsters to the Penzance bowl to start their skate tutition as part of the Fire brigades community projects. His son Ford has just been to see his surgeon as when he was born 11 years ago he had complications with his foot. After being told he would not be able to be that active, Ford has proved them wrong and now skates the bowl and won the sports person of the year for Sennen school. The family took my photos of Ford skating to show the surgeon and was so impressed with Ford's resolve he wants to use the photos as an incentive to other youngsters who may find themselves in a similar situation. Motto: Prove the buggers wrong.

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