Sunday, 31 August 2008

Brand Addict

In a world of consumer tastes, branding, corporate sponsorship and over expensive clothing, and that includes the surf industry, I have to admit that I have been committed to one brand since the age of thirteen. For twenty six years now I have found great pleasure in dressing my old feet in Vans. All those years ago my folks took me to a skate shop in Brighton for my birthday and bought me a pair of black,white and red checked lace up and have been hooked like and addict ever since, stoked on style. In 26 years I fell off the wagon briefly and wore airwalk whilst owning and running a BMX shop, however, the Vans were never far away in the cupboard. I have only dabbled in recreational footwear such as Adidas and Nike but the purity of the original skate shoe is in my veins. When confronted with footwear dilemas, I just say no!

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Izmeister_87 said...

Truer words have never been spoken! I find it impossible to wear anything else.