Monday, 29 September 2008

Green Day

Sorry for the absence life just seems to get in the way sometimes. This past weekend I have been shooting alongside my good friend Rich Gregory. He's recenlty relaunched his website 'wavedreamer' with plenty of exciting happenings. Rich is a great film maker and is working on a number of projects. The 'One Day' project in it's original concept was to film from dawn to dusk in a single day. Check out the site for more details but Rich is also running a journal and his trip to West Penwith will hopefully be put on his site. We were also shooting Andy Cummins, Surfers Against Sewage campaign manager for some coming promotional footage. This shot of Andy captures a green minded man, riding a 'green' eco-quad under the 'Empire' label, sporting a 'green' Body Glove wetsuit and a fully recycled leash. Please check the wavedreamer link.

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