Saturday, 20 September 2008

'Peace brothers'

The threats of ASBOs against surfers for surfing into the swimming area, possible police presence on the beach next year to deal with unruly beach goers and the loss of common sense when printing a sensational story that went national, I thought a nice floral inlay would bring some happiness to us all. Those not sure what all this is about check out the Guardian or Cornishman newspapers.

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bellyboarduk said...

Who are these people who are profiting from the pointless publicity of a few over expanded egos within the Sennen Lifeguard camp?
We all know that everyone just wants to surf and have a good time, so if people start to think with their hearts and minds rather than trying to implement their ego driven, misplaced sense of superiority and authority at the beach, we should all be able to get along. It's time for some swallowing of pride, appropriate, justifiable use of lifeguarding and police resources and an end to the harassment of surfers at Sennen.

They don't make people in vintage cars wear seat belts, why make someone on a vintage surfboard wear a leash. Where are the records of anyone being injured by a leash-less board at Sennen and if any accounts exist how do they compare to the number of those people being hit by leg-rope equipped boards left to let fly?
The arguments do not add up, so what is this really about??

Surfing has always carrried an element of danger, it's time to get real. Where's the Aloha??