Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Flying McTavish.

After shooting these of James we wanted to find out about the board, so we emailed Bob McTavish,this was his very swift reply "I shaped that twinnie in 1980, just before Thrusters hit. I had a tiny factory in an old cowbales on the top of the hill at Lennox Head. I shaped and sanded, Wayne Reardon did everything else. We only made about 5 a week, and only direct custom orders. No wholesale. Very rootsy. The reason those twinnies work so well is the narrowish tail, unlike a fish. They go rail-to-rail like a modern board, very reactive. No need to move your foot between manoeuvres. Very cool.

Stay stoked …. Bob"

I have to ask myself if Bob McTavish thought this board would be doing this.

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