Saturday, 12 December 2009

Switchfoot 2 has arrived.

Just got my hands on my copy of Switchfoot 2. Great work Mr Crockett. Super stoked with my pages in amongst some absolute classic surf and lifestyle photography new and old. I can now spend my cold winters evenings catching up with some more Aussie legends and a crop of very talented North Cornish folk. On top of the that it was a beautiful cold winters days, with a lovely swell and myself and chosen vehicle, the 7'8" Harbour were loving the lefts. Its funny when you don't surf for a while, family, weather and work, I thought I'd lost my mojo. Today was one of those crowded days where I just could not find the right waves, then the tide dropped back and the lefts revealed themsevles. Just snagging a handful of beauties before dark was enough to rediscover the surf mojo, Roll on tommorrow.


Brine Time said...

Good to hear. Looking forward to checking out your sections. I'm responsible for the Noosa imagery around page 333. The book's so thick, I'm saving it until Xmas. Maintain the stoke!

Russ Pierre said...

I'll take a look tonight, all the best and happy Christmas