Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Da Bull

One of the highlights of our trip was meeting this man. Greg Noll, big wave legend and master shaper. Greg was at his sons shop in San Clemente. Totally unexpected he walked out of the office and absolutely held us in awe with his stories and talked boards and history, we watched old footage and talked us through some great sessions of the day. When I asked him what Miki Dora was really like, he uttered two words "basket case!". Classic. Thanks to Jed Noll, Steve Thomas and Greg for making us feel so welcome, and sorry Mr Noll if you happen to read this, if I seemed to ignore you at Sacred Craft, i must have been in a board seeking frenzy and did not mean to be rude I was in a daze.

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Daniel Henry said...

Amazing. The best thing about California is when you unexpectedly run into Greg Noll. Amazing.