Saturday, 5 March 2011

Nathan Adams by Kyle Lightner

Another great shot from Kyle Lightner. When you trawl the blogs there are some who think that blogs are old news, unless it happens to be Dane Reynolds' Marine Layer. Personally, blogs are my surf mags, the shots you wish you would always see in Surfer, or transworld. In the UK the mags make a token effort every now and then, rarely have a decent shot of a logger or a single fin sliding a long wall. Yet the blogs are full of of everything that keeps me stoked on a daily basis. Thank you all for keeping me stoked, and thank you Mr Lightner for your incredible shots, a modern day Ron Stoner.


this is jack tar said...

so true dude, cant remember the last time i bought a surf mag. but i pretty much check blogs daily. always some cool surfing stuff floating around to froth on and be inspired

Steve PP said...

The mags just want to sell brands, they not about the art!
Keep your beret on, and your eye sharp!

Lovely photo!