Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ron Church - legend

One of my favourite shots, one of the greatest shot by a great photographer who venture above but mostly below the waters surface. I google his name and found a website dedicated to Ron Church and his photography. This is just an bit of his history.
'For over 20 years he photographed in nearly all the world’s oceans. Ron received many honors for his work, including the International Underwater Photographer of the Year. He was recognized as one of the foremost underwater photographers of the world. Tragically, Ron Church succumbed to a brain tumor on October 20, 1973. He was only 39 years old. Scripps Institution of Oceanography paid Ron Church a special tribute by having a gallery of his underwater photos as a memorial exhibition. He was recognized by his colleagues at Scripps as one of the world’s foremost underwater photographers and exploring divers. Ron believed that underwater photography is vitally important as a graphic means of presenting the sea’s ecological state and as the most fascinating experience a diver can enjoy. He strongly felt that the world behind the camera is a personal experience that can become a lasting expression for others to know and enjoy.'

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