Saturday, 23 April 2011

April on my mind.

Its not over yet and there is hope for the South Coast in light of the fresh northerlies, but our amazing run of swell, easterlies and sunny days have made April lots of fun. I even heard Smiley Dave from Surf Hog say he has become 'picky' over what he chooses to surf now, unheard of. The sun is still here and a little spot on the south threw some tiny peelers our way yesterday and the loggers were on it. When you get used to surfing your own spot each day does anyone else feel its a bit of a hassle to have to drive to another wave, just because the wind changes direction. I too have become picky!!! Happy Easter everyone. By the way, this is not a tiny peeler, just one of the head high plus rights to be had of late in the Wild West and you can guarantee there's a left firing off the other end.

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