Friday, 27 May 2011

Surfing Tommies

Myself and Rich Emerson went to see this production last night at the beautiful Minack Theatre down here in West Penwith. What an amazing evening, the play could have been written for our Charity Surf Action. A story of Cornish Miners who go off to the front line and the events and tragedies that happen there on the fields of Flanders in 1914-1918. A group that in the middle of a war were introduced to the concept of surfing by a South African soldier missing his own ocean and then brought the idea back on their return to the Cornish shores. This play was amazing, the cast mentioned Surf Action and our work at the end and we were applauded by a theatre which was very moving. If anyone gets a chance please go and see this play, they are touring the UK. Those in Cornwall they are in Perranporth (the home of the story) on Sunday evening but please visit this link to find out more dates. Great evening, quite surreal, although I don't like that word, but does describe our day on the road with Surf Action. Thank you to the cast of Surfing Tommies for such a brilliant performance and thanks to Alan M.Kent for writing this beautiful, funny and moving production. Can you tell I enjoyed it.

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