Sunday, 3 July 2011

Surf Rodeo Champ 2011

This weekend has been epic; sun, waves and plenty of fun had by all at the Ashely Moffet Memorial Rodeo 2011. each year friends in Sennen get together and have a surf comp that Ashely would approve of, its got to be fun. This year the format began with fancy dress team events. Teams included Surf Action, Royal Marines and Navy, British Army, and other random entries wearing anything you could find. After the team round we held an expression session with the best surfer in each team taking to the water to express their them self! Who won this, James Parry (team Surf Action) who won the overall individual title, James Parry, and who won the team event team Surf Action!! It helps to have a ringer and someone like Rich Emerson (former gymnast) who can do a perfect head stand from out back all the way in, me, I just make up the numbers. All proceeds went to Surf Action which was amazing and this will be used to continue our work by taking combat veterans surfing every week and help them move forward. Ashley you would have been proud, a great, great day.

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