Monday, 8 August 2011

Surf Action Surf Fayre ...Yeeewww

This Saturday Surf Action held our first major event. Staying close to our passion of Surfing we held a Surf Fayre at Sennen community hall. Local board companies like Slide 65, Otter, Seed, Glass Tiger, the Balsa Surfers, Traditional Surfing, paipo glide and the lovely Sally Parkin from Original Surfboards. Sally kindly presented us with two of her beautiful board for our veterans to use. I would like to thank everyone who came along and had a stand, such as Muju World and Jilpi. Each person made the event happen and kindly gave a donation to Surf Action. Thanks to all our volunteers who worked solidly throughout the day, raising money, selling refreshments and providing information. Surf Action thanks you all so very much The awareness that was created was fantastic and we shall be starting to plan next years. If there is anything I haven't said here to say how very grateful we are please let me know. As soon as we have a total amount raised we shall let you know. Thanks to Butch Hawkins and Jessica Cooper for providing two fantastic prizes. See you all next year... Yeeewwww!!!

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