Thursday, 26 January 2012

Skip by Stoner and TW by Wessells

In my mind the best surf photographer by far was Ron Stoner, purely because few had come before to influence his art, there was John Severson, Ron Church, Leroy Grannis and Doc Ball all legends. Stoner had the edge I think, small moments of style held still in 500th of a second. I would imagine Stoner has an influence on most modern day snappers such as JJ Wessels. Here is a young man, great surfer and great photographer who also knows how to frame the moments in a modern era of surfing. The two images capture two great surfers. Skip Fry the legend in one of the most iconic shots ever recorded (below) and Tyler Warren the modern day stylist shot by JJ Wessels (top). This is why I blog, I might have mentioned that before when I talk about Kyle lightners shots, cos he's cool too!!

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Colony ThirteenStars said...

Great shots, and great insight. Agreed 100%!