Saturday, 5 May 2012

Coach Russ

Sorry for the absence for those checking back, mainly Mum and Dad who thought I'd vanished!!! Work has been a little hectic with a move to new office premises, drop in centre and art studio for the veterans to work from and develop their art and creative skills that helps them move forward and also help others. Anyway, If I have learnt anything from living and working in Cornwall is that every little extra helps and thus I have decided to embark on a little longboard coaching in my spare time. For those who know me personally will be thinking KOOOOOK!!! Ignore these people, I do have some skills and as a founder of the Brotherhood of Chunk I have the weight to throw into a pretty mean drop-knee, utilised also when looking for perfect trim and a whipping fade, and I know when and when not to go to the nose to avoid the added weight dragging me downwards. For those who don't know me I compete in the Masters division of the British Longboard Union and have made a few finals, won the odd one (literally), was invited to the Hip Wigglers Invitiational in 2011 where I made the semi-finals. If your heading to Cornwall and might need some help or a little guidance to move forward, avoid the shuffle and correct those little mistakes then please give me a call 07989535163 or drop me an email:

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