Monday, 24 September 2012

Sandy Feet, try the Surf Jimmy

A few weeks back an email came to me from a chap in Denmark asking if I would like to review his product called the 'Surf Jimmy'. If you have ever used a plastic bag to help someone with putting their wetsuit on you know the basic principle, it makes it easier. The 'Surf Jimmy' is made out of reusable sail material and I have to say without a doubt these make putting a wetsuit on a lot easier. Initially I was a little sceptical and thought 'I don't need this, I can put a wetsuit on no problem', but i tried it and found that occasionally a little extra help doesn't hurt. My main aim though was to hand them out to the guys I work with at Surf Action; combat veterans who have a variety of injuries and whose mobility is not the best. The response was great, and we now have them in our Surf Action minibus on demand. The most amazing result was I tried it out with my four year old and this is where it came into its own. Struggling to get a four year old with sandy feet and hands into a wet wetsuit is never pretty, the Surf Jimmy made it a breeze and I wholly recommend this to parents around the globe who struggle with wet wetsuits and sandy children. Lastly I gave it to the local surf school who, on a daily basis have people who have never put on a wetsuit and it really helped them out and the feedback again was amazing. Yes you can use a plastic bag, but they break, you end up throwing them away and there's a chance people may leave this on the beach, but if its reusable and can be put away in your surf bag and as real benefit to you or your family, you'll keep hold of it. Great product and thanks to Rasmuss for dropping me a couple of boxes for the guys at Surf Action.

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