Saturday, 15 September 2012

John Culqui under your feet with Sandalista

Some time ago I came across the artist John Culqui, many would have seen the t-shirt designs he did for Tyler Hatzikian. Anyway John does some beautiful artwork, stylish, brightly coloured and it makes you feel good to look at it, there is a real sense of having fun within many of the pieces. Take a look at his website hereand have a look at the nautical art within the galleries, its classic. The flip flop company 'Sandalista' have also taken the opportunity to add his stylish art to their 'Discover designs' and placed John's work on their flip flops. They look amazing, take a look here , and get yourself a couple of pairs for the surf trips your all secretly planning right now. Failing that trip away support John and his artwork and put some colour under your feet and where them to work. Got to and check out the other artists in the range, there are some real beauties there. Nice work John.

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