Friday, 5 October 2012

Stay Strong and watch this.

Back in 1995 I had a BMX shop. Its a long time ago but seems like yesterday that me and best friend Dan Beamish set up R&D Products. We also had a hand in developing DMR who are now massive. I had just finished University and found my way back into BMX after racing when I was in my teens. During this period of having the shop we met some amazing people who rode BMX like I never could or would. We kind of sponsored an amazing rider and super humble guy called Chico Hookeand he introduced us to some more amazing people. For a time we rode with (mostly watched), and had many a pro visit our small trails, I went to France a couple of times to watch the BMX Supercross and had the pleasure of watching a young guy called Stephen Murray ride. I watched him at the Hastings and Bexhill trails, race at various meetings and he even came and rode our own trails and hung out prior to the 1996 Worlds in Brighton along with his brother Martin, Dylan Clayton and US Superstar Brian Foster. It was an amazing session and have such happy memories of this short period in my life. In 2007, doing what he loved, Stephen Murray crashed and was paralysed from the neck down. I haven't seen Chico in years but the world of blogging brought me to his blog hereand that led me to find this video of Stephen talking about his life now and how its changed. I still like to watch all aspects of BMX and knew of Stephens crash having been watching his progress as a professional in the states. He took the opportunity, moved there and began winning the huge events like the x-games, amazing athelete. Take a look at the video and if you feel like donating to help Stephen out the follow this link Watch, be inspired and realise how lucky you all are that even when the waves are shit you could still go and catch a wave if you wanted. Stay Strong.

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Carlos Sáez said...

Thanks a lot! This is really inspiring.
It was difficult not to get some fresh tears from watching and listening to him. He is a brave man, and we should all learn from his own experience and attitude. As you said, were are so lucky and we should not complain too much, but get outside and enjoy life to the fullest.