Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Encinitas Crossing

I'm not a trainspotter, never have been, never will be, I will never understand the fascination but I loved the trains in California rolling through the coastal towns, loved the size of them, the noise, and the fact that it truly is a Pacific Surfliner, never got on one, never been on one. Maybe one day. check some more shots of cali out here.


Tim said...

I know exactly what you mean. I love it when I see trains in California, and I am no trainspotter either!

I also like hearing them in the dead of night. The crossing bells, the siren getting ever closer, and then the clatter of the wheels is such a great combination of sounds.

I can't quite put my finger my fascination with them though. Maybe it's that they represent a kind of timelessness that appeals to my nostalgic side. One day I will travel the coast by rail, rather than by road though, I think that would be special!

Russ Pierre said...

Could not have said it better. The night crossings are great. I had the sam fascination in Oz. It is definately the timelessness and that old historic north to south journey that led to discovery. Cheers Tim I know I'm not alone.