Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wild West Shooters in town.

Just picked up these two beauties from Jools at Gulf Stream in North Devon. The first two boards in the Wild West Shooter line we've been working on have been beautifully hand shaped by Jools .

The 9'6" Pintail is subtle, refined and ready for some serious logging.  No concave, hard edge in the tail, slight vee and a wide point slightly aft, this is no pig but will ride high and fast with no thrills to slow it down and when the time is run hang out on the nose or throw in a power drop knee turn.

The 8'2" is designed for pure fun. Longboarders wishing to make a leap of faith and come down in length, those amongst who want a beautiful midlength or the ladies who might not want to go all the way to a longboard. Every line on these boards are subtle and designed to help both trim and shred. Both boards have clean laps, knee patches, a light tint and matt finish to suit the understated non-flashy nature of the Wild West!! Anyone interested in taking a closer look can call me and pop by. Alternatively take my word for it and phone Jools and put an order in!!

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