Sunday, 5 January 2014

Belated Happy New Year to you all.

Happy New Year everyone. We have welcomed in the New Year with massive swells, hideous rain storms and some pretty strong windage from the West. Tomorrow is  looking like Europe will be hit by some massive swells and the damage already caused up and down the coast of the South West has already been pretty considerable. My first look at our local beach here at Sennen today was amazing; more rocks are exposed and all the sane dragged back in which could be a good thing to sort out our banks!!
I hope those of you that are getting a few sneaky surfs in at your favourite sheltered spots have been scoring some nice ones. For someone who has not been able to make the most of it due to work commitments I have heard rumours of extreme crowds at some spots and emptiness at others.
Anyway, please be safe out there and if you have friends or relatives, or friends of relatives heading to the west country, please tell them to steer clear of standing on harbour walls, promenades and other areas that look fun whilst admiring the power of the ocean but can also be deadly. This week will be interesting! Happy New Year.

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