Friday, 10 January 2014

The Triple Stringer

I'm currently in the process of looking into the dynamic features of the triple stringer surfboard. Besides the added strength that the extra stringers add; for me personally its the aesthetics, the heritage and iconic nature of this board. I have a new 9'8" in my garage just waiting to be waxed up and surfed. Shaped by Jools at Gulf Stream, this new Wild West Shooter is stunning.  However,  before I surf this new sled I need to shoot some photos of the board in its virgin glory and finish up my article I'm putting together. If anyone would like to shoot this board in a studio over the next few days please drop me a line, ir if anyone has some creative ideas for shooting this board then again drop me a line. Also if anyone has any thoughts they would like to leave on why they like or don't like the triple stringer then please leave a comment. What is it that makes the Triple Stringer so Iconic?

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