Sunday, 19 January 2014

Wild West Shooter

A quick shot between showers and wind instagram of the new triple stringer pintail from Jools at Gulf Stream Surfboards.
The first pintail was a phenomenal board but not to stable on the nose. Board number one had a 17" nose and felt that to be a little more user friendly it would be best to pull the nose back out a little to 17.75". the rails are a little softer but still with some kick in the 16.5" tail and a sharp edge  for bite!! To hold this board just feels right but due to work commitments i'm yet to take a side on it.

The greatest thing about this board is the level of sustainability. The blank was sourced from Homeblown near Portreath, then shaped in Devon by Jools, one of the best shaper in the UK. If only the resin and glass came from the UK and that would be 100% UK produced.

Don't get me wrong I do love my Californian boards and there are a few shapers in Australia that I would love to contact and get a board or ten from, but there is something pretty special about supporting UK shapers. Please take time to consider going to your local shaper, look at the waves you surf, the way you surf and invest some time and money and develop a relationship with one of the many great shapers we have here in the UK. Remember the money you pay supports local employees and goes straight back into the local villages and coastal towns and ultimately supports other businesses.  Instead of spending your money on an overseas import (which we have all done and will do again..just think, the next time you need a board..Go British!!

I'll post more shots of this beauty soon and once I've surfed it put some more feedback on here.

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