Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Something for the summer sir?

These boards are amazing. This is the 8'2 Wild West Shooter and I can safely say what a fun board. One owner of this fine vehicle has been riding his in Sri Lanka and Morocco all winter and is now riding it in two foot glass in Spain as we speak and raving about it.
Personally I've now ridden this model in a variety of conditions here in Cornwall from clean head high beach break and a lot of Sennen mush and it goes great, its quick and stable and its paddleability (if thats a word) is fantastic. At 8'2"x 22" wide and and about 3" thick they are stable, fast and smooth but super responsive when you feel like throwing a rapid redirection in there or chucking it up onto a close out for a little float time. They are the  perfect board for a longboarder wanting something a little shorter and not wanting the wave count to suffer, but with a quicker feel, or, someone who does not want to go too large but wants to mix it up with the growing number of loggers in the water.
My lovely wife Jill rides this when its small and rides it like a longboard, I ride it when it looks like it would be fun and this board is fun. To find out more about these Wild West Shooters you can email me at or contact Jools at here for more details and prices. These boards can be fully customised for your needs so please ask.

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