Sunday, 27 July 2014

We all should.

Although there is a sweet shop element to walking in many of the surf shops these days and the temptation to take out a loan to get one is tempting. Alternatively visit your local shaper, if they don't take your ideas seriously talk to a UK shaper of your choice and throw the money their way. Most of your money will stay in the UK and go on to support other businesses, provide jobs and incomes for local families. its called the multiplier effect. If Personally I choose to support Gulf Stream Surfboards in Devon, and although not local to me down here in Sennen Jools and his team make some amazing boards.
If you do visit a shaper, make sure your ideas are clear; take some reference material like pictures and measurements. Its a bit like going to a tattooist. they need some idea of what your vision, once they have this then trust them to do a grand job.
Saying that, I have some great boards from around the world so I can't be too hypocritical.

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