Sunday, 26 October 2014

BMX for life!

This past few weeks has been such a fun time for Jago and myself. Personally I have rediscovered a love of a sport that I briefly revisited in the mid 90's  Apparently thats mid school now. I raced in the 80's and thats old school!! In six weeks I have learnt some new skills and realised that I'm not that unfit!

Selfishly i'm having a ball, but the best thing is seeing Jago's confidence grow each week we go, and others noticing it too, seeing him having coaching and putting into practice what he's been taught, having fun with  the other kids, and the older kids too (read adults), and not wanting to leave when its time to go home. He's is a little ripper and is getting better and better. Like surfing its a great sport that instils true character building, independence, motivation and confidence, and on a bike..skills for life.

This summer he was amazing in the surf, he learnt new water skills, took some great waves, cruising left and right and had a huge grin on his face as he paddled back to me, he made his old man very proud. Now coming into winter when the water is getting chilly he's making me proud again but on his bike. In the past few weeks I have got back in contact with old riding friends, made some new ones and watched Jago find a sport that he truly loves, with a bit of help from his dad... BMX for life people!!

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