Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Life in the ol' dogs yet..

 It's a great but scary feeling getting back on a BMX bike after may years. 20 years ago, back in 1995, myself and best mate Dan Beamish started a BMX shop called R&D Products. We had 18 months of fun, selling a riding bikes, but circumstance forced us to close and move on to pastures new. However, during this time we met some amazing riders like the Stephen and Martin Murray, Chico Hooke, Dylan Clayton, Dale Holmes, Brian Foster and many more and also played a part in the birth of DMR products all those years ago.
I've always ridden bikes and myself and Dan ( a former team Suzuki pro motocross rider) grew up together riding our BMX bikes. I raced as a back in the early 80's (old school) rode again in the 90's (mid school) and now at 45 and with my new Dialled Bikes MX24 I'm embarking on a new love affair with BMX but this time I have the next best thing to an old mate, my new mate and son Jago. Tracks have changed the pump track scene is huge and there are so many opportunities to ride its great.
To be riding BMX again and sharing this passion with my son, truly is one of the best things about fatherhood.  Dan continues to ride motocross (but after a major injury just for fun) and his two sons are becoming exceptional motocross riders too. After seeing Dan at the weekend we reflected on the past but look forward to the future and shall be riding again together soon, with our sons by our side. Surfing is my passion, but BMX has been in my blood since 1981, both compliment the other in terms of fitness and strength, both require moments of power and speed and both make me smile. I have found the happy medium and while its too cold for Jago to surf right now, what better way than to thrash round a track and be a big kid again. Roll on race season!!

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