Sunday, 16 November 2014

Top Day.

What a day! Myself and Jago had our first BMX race today. As a surfer I chose to forfeit the best swell and best conditions for a long time to go and race BMX for the first time in 30+ years, and I would do this again in an absolute heart beat. So proud of Jago, he crashed in his first race trying to take the rider in front so this proved he was trying, as they say 'if you dont crash your not trying hard enough'. I was proud that he got up and still crossed the line. Disappointed, he used this frustration and in his next race he came in 5th, then a fourth and in his final in pouring rain another fifth.

I'm so proud and he's getting faster all the time, but more importantly his confidence has grown ten fold, which as a Dad is so amazing to see.

His ol' man did OK too. In the old gits division I finished with a respectable 2 x 2nds and a 1st in the heats and a 2nd in the final. Such a great day, despite the jelly legs I can't remember having that much fun for a long time. Like I say, I love my surfing, I surfed Tuesday and had some great waves on my Wild West Shooter, I got out satisfied but wanting more as is normal. Today I got on the line having last raced in 1982/3 but came home with a stoked and excited 6 year old and like two kids we can't wait to race again next weekend.

The coaching we have both received over the past few weeks has been superb and we have both learnt so much, and the friendships developing are refreshing with a focus upon fun and the best thing is no one drops in on you, no one gets in the way and no one moans about the crowds; the more the merrier! Thats not to say I don't moan about the crowds when surfing but its nice to have a break from it for a bit!

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