Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Wild West Quiver

Took delivery of the Pintail Log this past weekend thanks to the kind people at Finisterre for bringing her back to Cornwall for me.  Jools at Gulfstream Surfboards has without a doubt created an absolute beautiful board here and perfectly finished by Matt in a stunning white pigment tint with a high polish.

Due to the wind, I gave up on taking new board shots in my usual spot this weekend due to my traditional failure to have a board fall and get dinged in the process followed by a vast range of profanities and regret for even trying. Instead I waxed her up and took this beauty for a slide at Praa Sands in waist high clean little waves.

I did my usual new board test and threw in a drop knee turns to see she turned and when the wave allowed I threw in a bit of power to see how far she could be pushed on the shoulder and in the few waves I had, she responded really well. I'll post some more info when I have had a few more surfs on it and work out the little idiosyncrasies of a new board. Considering this board is wider in the tail, based on the more traditional pig shape the wide point is back of centre with a narrower 17.5" nose I am so impressed with the speed and smoothness of this board on a first surf.

The board next to it is the 7'8" Traveller model previously shown and placing this next to the log I'm so stoked to have two boards that can be surfed in a huge variety of conditions and be ridden comfortably by the larger chap or the Chunky Brother! When I get a shot with the 8'2" as well, you'll see another board that further compliments these two stunning shapes.

However, the best part of these WildWest Shooters is that each board is so much fun, each board is easy to surf, and each board catches waves effortlessly and does what they're supposed to do and this is credit to Jools and his knowledge of surfing and shaping and exactly what I envisaged every board to be...Fun.

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