Friday, 2 January 2015

Wild West Shooters and a Happy New Year

Happy New Year So blessed to spend New Years Eve in the shire with our great friends Rich and Zoe from Kind Design and Wavedreamer and had a very peaceful and funny evening in with the kids. Whilst there we popped into see Jools at Gulfstream Surfboards in the newly refurbed shop at Braunton. After being approached by Finisterre to showcase their clothing instore Jools jumped at the opportunity and it was great to see how Gulfstream and Finisterre compliment each other and what is presented is one of the nicest surf shops I have ever seen. What makes it better is that the space is filled with great british designed and made boards and British designed and believe as much a s possible UK manufactured clothes.
My visit was also to see the progress of my newest Wild West Shooter. This is our third shape of the 9'8" Single fin log we have been working on. All bar the polishing Jools and his team have nailed this one. The progression over the past three shapes has been great to be part of and although I have not ridden this one yet, aesthetically the board is stunning. The previous two designs have been exceptional and both had their merits and both gone to good homes which I'm pleased with. This design has focussed on usability but functionality for all. The rails have returned to softness, losing the hard edge in the tail, but widening for a  turnability and looseness, revisiting the 50/50 rails throughout and adding some thickness. We've kept the concave out for cleaness and no drag and with more of a pig shape with the smooth continuous line of a rounded tail and pulled in nose, and also lost the triple stringer aspect to keep it more affordable,  this board is stunning. I have not been more excited to get out and ride a board in a long time (well since Jools made the 7'8" Traveller).
By the time I take delivery of this board I'm confident the range of Wild West Shooters will be complete. Consisting of a 9'8" Log, 8'2" Transitional and a 7'8" Midlength. Each of these boards have there own merit and the idea since the beginning of this process (like all good quivers), has always been to have a range of boards made from sustainable blanks (Homeblown UK) that will all compliment each other for down here in the Wild West. However, each board can be custom made for your specific needs. I shall post a picture of all three together so you can visually see the differences of the finest selection of boards from an award winning shaper.

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