Friday, 20 March 2015

Can I help?

Really pleased to be qualified as a Master Practitioner in Spectrum Therapy, NLP, emotional coaching and advanced relaxation.

Spectrum therapy is a fantastic and positive way to let go of our negative emotions and from personal experience of also being a client,  I can honestly recommend it.

If your a sports person wishing to improve your results this can also greatly help. I'm currently helping two National and World Standard BMX racers overcome their excessive race nerves and help them gain a little extra confidence for the 2015 race season and working towards this summers World Championships.  I am providing specific goal setting, visualisation techniques and positive anchoring and relaxation techniques to help.  So far so good and after round one their father says he's seen a huge improvement with some great results at the Manchester National Indoor BMX Track.

If you feel like you would benefit from feeling empowered in any way and this includes both personal, business and career then please drop me a line  and I can explain more and how I can help.

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