Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Get some!!

So nice to have a surf back at Sennen today. That sounds like I have had to travel there, to make a road trip, to drive hours after searching the other spots...Nope, its at the bottom of the hill and due to the banks being crap and the swell to big for the bay to hold I've been surfing elsewhere on days that I can.

But today... today was a beauty. Apparently yesterday was nice, but work got in the way, today the swell was perfect size, the bank was great and the lefts were super fun. The board of choice, my 7'8" Wild West Shooter, perfect choice for the wave as its so easy to surf. Easy paddle, easy entry, super fast when you need it to be, turns really nicely and had a couple of cracking bottom turns where I could push her a little and see how the 9" Greenough single fin held. It did!!

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