Tuesday, 19 May 2015

BMX for Life Part 2

Work has been a little tense, trying to by a house has been even more stressful than  imagined and this is keeping me away from writing blogs. The one thing that has kept me sane is that Myself and Jago have been training hard, riding hard and enjoying our racing. This past weekend we travelled to Tiverton for round 4 of the South West BMX Series and what a great weekend it was. I was so proud of Jago for battling his way to a fourth place in his B Final after narrowly missing out on third. He's getting to grips with the racing and their is so much to learn, not least that you need to want to win or at least try your absolute best, and this he did. He's racing in the 7 expert category against some of the best young riders who have been racing since they were 4 years old, so he's doing really well.

Myself I managed to achieve a goal that I had only recently set myself and make an A Final. Our Cruiser division (24" wheels) has been opened up so instead of just racing against my own age group,  I'm racing against all ages from 17+. Bearing in mind I'm in the 45+ Category its tough competition but its such a fun category as many of us are dads with sons racing too, some have been racing years and like myself, a few of us have come back into it after years away.  I'm absolutely loving being back into BMX, I don't think the passion has ever left me and I find myself making new friends, representing a great club in Cornwall BMX, people of similar passion and commitment to training and progression. When we race we want to beat each other and as soon as you cross the line, we congratulate each other, we shake hands and are pleased for each other, no matter how disappointed. I'm not winning races but I'm winning in the sense of achieving goals, I'm using techniques I'm teaching others to control my own nerves, develop own confidence and aim for the best result I can and so far I'm actually proud of myself. BMX for Life as they say.

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