Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Disposable BBQ's and Disposable Tourists.

So last night was a beautiful evening here in Sennen. After dinner I went and sat on a rock and watched the waves from the top of the hill, just across from my house, with a fresh cup of coffee. Three brand new cars pull up, three family's, with about 6 kids. They proceed to set up these disposable BBQs with the most amazing priceless view there in front of them. I sat and thought, 'I hope they don't leave them when they've finished'. Fucking tourists with no respect, they went and left them!! Great message these families just sent to their kids... Well done. It's a good job that there are some kind people within society that do care about out environment to make allowance for dirty scumbags like these.. This planet you doesn't deserve it. My @2minutebeachclean done, but wish I hadn't had to see this at 7am this morning. Rant over.. And by the way that was not my innerchimp ranting! actually spread the word, share with everyone, these disposable BBQ's should also come with disposable tourists!


Anonymous said...

kind sir, without people like you they would cover our coast with their unsavoury munchings. surprised they didnt leave any plastic bags thats the norm'. I live in the country and they do it here as well but set fire to the heath at the same time doh! I applaud your 2 minute clean up we do it as well what a shame they are not teaching their kids the right ethos to life. cheers old surfer.

Anonymous said...

Im a tourist thats been going to Sennen for the past 25yrs,
I totally agree with you.They should be made to pay for the damage to the grass and fined for litter dropping.

Its idiots like that who are NOT WElCOME!!
The unspoilt countryside and spetacular views makes this place the best in the world.
They should Holiday at the ZOO.