Friday, 1 May 2015

MInd Boot Camp.

For anyone needing a little bit of an extra kick to get motivated or focus on the goals ahead I'm doing a little moonlighting alongside Discover2Empower.
Details of the Mind Boot Camp can be found on but simply designed to give your mind a workout in areas that might need some positivity, structure and some personal well being. The first sessions will be at Sennen Village Hall starting Monday 11th May so please drop me a line if you interested.

Alongside this I'm also offering one to one Emotional Coaching using Spectrum Therapy, NLP and Relaxation.  This is a great way to clear out any deeper rooted areas that might have become real challenges in your life. Again go to the for more information.

If you really keen this emotional coaching can be done alongside Surfing or sport and combined with goal setting for both physical and mental goals.

Please drop me a line and let me help you move forward and refocus.

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