Monday, 20 July 2015

Best of luck Team GB, especially Sienna and Isla Harvey.

I did some emotional coaching coaching with these two young sports stars over the winter and spring months during pre-race season training. Sienna and Isla Harvey (left) are two of the countries brightest BMX stars and are racing in Belgium this week at the BMX World Championships. I taught them some breathing techniques that can be used to relax, some visualisation techniques and also we did some positive anchoring. It was tough working with people so young but they have both had a great season so far, with the British Championships still to come and the remainder of the SW Regional series. Best of luck girls and don't forget to breath!!
Also best of luck to all the Cornish riders, the guys I now race against, Neil Hopes, Neil Forsyth and Tony Martin, the best of luck to you all.

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