Saturday, 4 July 2015

Disposable BBQ's and Disposable Tourists again.

Please Please Please, stop leaving your BBQ's and rubbish on the beach. Just because it says disposable BBQ you wankers, doesn't mean you can leave it in the beautiful place you ate your food, along with all your other rubbish. You took it down there so take it back.
We cooked for 12 people the same day, not 20 metres from where these people left this mess. It took no time to cool the BBQ's down with water, place it back in its cardboard boxes, bag it up along with all our shit, and take it back to the car park, unfortunately there were no bins, so guess what people...take that shit home and put it in your bin!!! Stop destroying the beautiful places we are blessed to be able to enjoy you frickin ignorant C..TS!! If your having a BBQ on the beach this summer be prepared to take your rubbish home.