Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Inspired?....Most definately.

Took A trip up to Birmingham BMX Track at the weekend with Jago to watch round 9 of the national BMX Champs. What a great experience to watch our best riders from Cornwall BMX Club compete at the National level and do so well. The atmosphere was amazing and to watch our clubs Scotty Dominguez compete amongst the top elite riders was pretty cool. The Pro Section was insane and Scotty took them on like a pro, taking some scalps through this section he claimed his best results to date. Young Joanna Kistle took the cruiser honours in her age cat and Sienna Harvey came away with the win on Saturday. Such a great day for Jago to experience and yet again Cornwall BMX Club was there supporting each other. Trouble is this has inspired us to do the Nationals Next year...sorry Jill, it has to be done, these tracks look like too much fun, BIG, but too much fun!!

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