Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Hello Again...its been too long

So after pressure from my dear old Dad as he's a regular, here's my first post for at least 3 months. What with Instagram, business website/blog/facebook and others, social media takes up far too much time. However, after 10 years of blogging and 132000 visits it would be a shame to stop! 
Well anyway, its been a busy few months. I finished season my first and return to BMX with number one plate for the series in the 45+, moved to a beautiful new house, so now a home owner, began physio to sort my shoulder that had stopped me surfing, that was great then broke my foot racing at Exeter Mini series, I have been developing my new project which is slowly gathering momentum, and love what I do, Oh and gone back teaching!!! 
So for Mum and Dad, this is my new project, This is the brief and I'll be back tomorrow!! 
Race Head is a coaching programme that focuses on the mental aspects of competitive sports, and the mental wellbeing of participants. Developed by former Sussex County Team Clay Pigeon Shooter, former competitive Surfer and current BMX racer, Russ Pierre started out using sport to help people who suffered from social isolation or mental and physical health issues.
It works both ways, and this is where the Race Head programme has come from ­ many of the techniques focused on sports can help people at home, at work or at school, too.
Russ has coached the British Junior Surfing Team and continues to coach some of Cornwall’s brightest young surfing talent and has recently been running Race Head sessions for Rogue State and HG Racing National BMX Teams, and several individual riders (race, dirt and 4X) and endurance athletes. Russ also competes himself and is current SW Regional Series number one in his 45+ Category.
Race Head Coaching:
1. Encourages ownership, responsibility and accountability for a commitment to a plan leading to a successful sporting future
2. Encourages a broader perspective of training and opportunities to progress in the
chosen sport, to achieve success, and personal development.
3. Introduces a set of wellbeing tools that can assist where needed both in their chosen 
sport and personal lives.
The session covers aspects of:
            ●  Breathing exercises and relaxation

            ●  Stress and anxiety management skills

            ●  Decision making, goal setting and planning

            ●  Visualisation techniques and positive anchoring

The overall objective is to help build greater confidence, assertiveness, and self­belief, embedding positivity and success, but also Parents, Teachers and Coaches may learn a few tips, too...!

Russ Pierre 07989535163 or email russ@innerchimp.co.uk or please find out more abut my other projects at www.innerchimp.co.uk

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