Monday, 21 March 2016


Amazing weekend at Round 1 of the South West BMX Regional Series. Had the pleasure of watching some a amazing racing and more please to proudly say that some are using the techniques I have shown them whilst on the Race Head Programme. The feedback these riders gave me was really nice to hear and to know that some of the counties best riders feel that this is helping their performance means a great deal.

To have come from working with Veterans and the wider community, which I still do, and to know be able to assist sports people to achieve some great results, through preparation and emotional management is a fantastic feeling.

Watching the achievements of young riders like Hayden Green and Ethan Squibb (Team HG Racing), Callum Ebbage and the Rogue State Team, Charlie Roast (Green Machine), the younger riders like Ned And Micah Pritchard (Team Big Daddy Plates/Pure) Sienna and Isla Harvey (Team GHP), and knowing they are benefiting from the Race Head Programme both on and off the Track is a boost to my own self belief so thanks tot he Team Managers, Parents and Riders.

For more information please drop me a line and i shall be back on the track soon racing alongside you!!


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