Monday, 22 October 2007

Respect all and learn the rules!!

Another weekend of autumn swells. Half term has arrived in Penwith and so have the crowds. The bad manners that come with the hoards of surfers travelling down with absolutley no regard for surfing etiquette seems to be at an all time high. As a surfer and photographer I see the carnage from the beach and the water. Please, Please , Please if anyone is reading this from up country, or are learning to surf, and you come to the Penwith area or the West Country to try your new found sport, learn the rules first. then some manners, and above all some respect for the people around you, whether in the water, in the car parks or in the local pubs. As a person I am allowed to rant every so often. By the way this is the newly crowned British Champ Mark 'Igor' Harris ripping at Praa Sands.

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