Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Back to Sennen

Apologies for the random blogging lately, we have been in the middle of moving house. We've moved back to Sennen Cove in the West, West, West Penwith, one mile from Lands End and one minute from the pub and a perfect view of my favourite beach only a short roll down the hill. Whilst we wait for our internet to be re-connected I shall do all I can to keep posting but with half-term on out door step posting could be disrupted. The latest news from our Sennen surfers is a big congratulations to Mike Lay who won the junior division of the Jesus Surf Classic this weekend, Matt 'scoop' Travis getting second. Also keep an eye out for the new issue of Drift Magazine as yours truly has story and shots from our Jersey trip. Also coming up Mid-November is the Cornwall Film festival, with the surf related 'board shorts'where myself, Greg Martin, Jamie Bott and world famous Mickey smith will be contributing our slide shows. A huge thanks to Olly and Debby, Simon, James, and Adrian for helping us move. Its great to be back in Sennen.

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