Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Coming back at ya!

I seem to be apologising for my absence a great deal lately, and for the two people that regualarly check in I'm sorry. I have moved house and have been without internet access for nearly two weeks. This should be sorted today. In the meantime our new house has amazing views of my favourite beach, that this past year I have unfortunately not had much opportunity to surf. I could instantly annoy the entire surfing community by putting a web cam in my kitchen window, but this will NOT be happening. Its great to be back over at Sennen with plenty of space for the little one and fresh air a plenty. Well this weekend sees the 'Board Shorts' film festival up a the Sandsifter where I have a slide show happening amongst all the other films and entertainment. This shot above can also be seen in this months Huck magazine, accompanied by a few words from Alex Wade. Unfortunately my other piece that was to be in 'Drift' this month has been temporarily suspended as the coolest mag in ages can't get enough advertising from the big surf brands. This is a real shame, not as I won't get to see my shots and text in print but the fact that surf brands won't coff up and support a new magazine that offers something a little different than your main stream rip and shred mags aimed at grommets. I do work in a surf shop and I know how much they charge for their products, put some profit back in, please, don't give it all to Slater, even if he is an alright surfer. Thoughts welcome. Personally I'm gutted.

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