Friday, 12 December 2008

Bicentenial anniversary

My 200th Post. Unidentified surfer coming out of a vicious top turn on a speed run, you have to admire the almost perfect stance, the low centre of gravity and look at the wake left in the trail of yet another beautifully executed turn onboard another classically hand crafted Gulf Stream 9'6" and looking to bury the rail on the next bottom turn!!! Actually this is a rare snap shot in time of myself surfing, looking like an egg cup, skinny legs, too many pasties up top, what you see is a chunky brother letting the inertia of a pasty fueled belly guide me on my way. Chunk on my surfing brothers and sisters, heres to another 100 blogs and heres to Turkey and Cranberry Pasties this Crimble. Photo: Mel Sedgwick

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