Tuesday, 7 July 2009

"Watch out Slater, I'm coming for you"

This is Jago on Saturday, 18 months old and his first venture into the waves with his old dad. My proudest momnet yet. Let the grom training begin. Check the little cross step in the bottom shot. Thanks so much to Charlie Jay for taking the snaps. www.charliejay.co.uk.


Steve PP said...

Yeaaaay! Way to go Jago!

May your wave-riding journey be a long and smooth one.
Nice looking triple stringer Russ, that would'nt be a Frye you're both sliding on would it?

Steve PP.

EasyTom said...

He looks like he's enjoying it! My daughter is terrified - I think she's going to be an academic :(

Russ Pierre said...

Hi Steve, that lovely triple stringer was shaped by the great hands of Jules at Gulf Stream, it was the last Clark Blank they had I believe, it is an absolute beauty.
Jago has his order in!!!

Howard said...

What a great posting.... my two ittle ones are not quite there with the sliding yet, despite my eldest almost being four !
I can but try.