Monday, 21 September 2009

Combat Surfers Amped Up!!

As Vinnie Jones said 'It's been emotional'. This weekend was another major eye opener for me. The success of Operation Amped was huge. One vet told me he had not laughed so much in six years since leaving the Army. The smiles, the laughter and the stoke was contagious. I was there taking photos for my good friend Rich Emerson, super fantastic man of the atlantic. The event was supported by the British Royal Legion, Combat Stress, and extra manppower from Royal Navy and Royal Marines. The six vets who attended are all suffering from Post Traumatic Stess Disorder, they took it in their stride and gave it 100% and the aim of using surfing as a therapy to the PTSD certainly hit the mark. Surfing rules!


Steve PP said...

Brilliant! Very inspiring and uplifting!

Georges ABOLIN said...

yeah !!!